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Register for a Business Administrator licence

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Licences are currently £250.00
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Note: You should not use this form if you have already registered – you should log in on the Member Page and acquire your licences from there.

When you have entered your details, you will be asked for payment. When payment is complete, either of two things will happen...

  • If you choose to order by CD, we will post you a CD with all the software you need to install and run Business Administrator, including your BANId and password.
  • If you choose to download the software, we will state your BANId and password, and provide options to download the software, which is over 10Mb.

The BANId and password are unique and allow you to log on to Business Administrator World, which manages the licences for you. Both are very important.

System requirements

Operating system: Windows XP, or better
Internet connection: Broadband or better. It should not be chargeable by time or data transfer. Business Administrator uses Internet connections a lot. It can download large files, but transfers are usually very small.
Processor speed: 800kHz or better
Memory: 100Mb or better for new systems, more for ongoing systems. We recommend you fill it up.
Voice connections: For Business Administrator to make calls on your behalf, a voice modem, or similar, and necessary Windows components.

For businesses outside the UK…

Anyone is welcome to use Business Administrator so long as they have a licence to do so, and where the law, international and otherwise, allows usage of the software.

However, Business Administrator has not yet been designed to work outside of the UK, and is not likely to operate properly or to expectations.

It is unlikely to be fit for purpose, and you are advised against using it. Neither Chalestra Ltd, nor its partners, will take responsibility for any deficiencies or shortcomings, or for the software delivering unfavourable results.